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Ralph Lauren: In His Own Fashion

Ralph Lauren: In His Own Fashion

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Here is a fully illustrated biography of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren told through the lens of fashion by Alan Flusser, the author of Dressing the Man, the seminal tome on men’s fashion. This unique coffee table book on the life and career of one of America’s most successful fashion designers includes in-depth chapters like:
  • Starting with a Tie
  • The Early Years
  • Getting the Gang Together
  • Upon the Terra Firma of His Own Taste
  • A Portfolio of Stories, Sittings & Sightings
  • And more!
Flusser says in his introduction, “Although one of my primary missions is to establish an artistic knighting of Mr. Lauren, of equal importance is to illuminate his many courageous marketing and business decisions along with their life lessons for future generations to be inspired by. Watching Ralph become who he is has long been a source of inspiration and wonder for those of us who share his Aristotelian vision, ‘not with things as they are, but with things as they might be and ought to be.’”

Published as part of the Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary, Alan Flusser’s book looks at the life of the iconic American designer’s impact both on fashion and on broader American culture.

This high-level, yet intimate, reflection on the life and work of Ralph Lauren shows how a preppy young boy from the Bronx created one of the most recognizable brands in American fashion.