Autumn Cashmere introduced its very first collection in 1995. We have attained an incredible following in the United States and around the world since then. The reason for our success is simple – we have always been true to who we are.

Autumn Cashmere is a fresh, contemporary and innovative knitwear company, creating cashmere, cashmere blend and cotton sweaters and accessories that excite the senses and inspire fun living. Our identity is known by countless fashion minded consumers and many high profile celebrities.
Autumn Cashmere backs up every garment with quality and unbeatable craftsmanship. Rich cashmere and cotton yarn of the highest quality is the cornerstone of our fashion-driven philosophy. We don’t stop at innovative designs because we know our product needs to be made well, fit well, and it’s got to be comfy!

From the beginning, Autumn Cashmere recognized that the contemporary cashmere market was largely untapped. Most luxury knitwear companies offered fairly traditional product, lacking in stylistic elements and seasonality. Where did that leave the fashion consumer? Starving for something to wear!

We offer affordable price points, seasonal updates and a flexible merchandising range. These ingredients have enabled us to create and maintain a strong appeal with both retailers and consumers.

On the technical side, we have a vertically integrated operation that creates a synergy between design, production and distribution. Autumn Cashmere owns its production facilities in Shanghai, China. This helps us provide superior quality and craftsmanship, while creating a unique blend between the art of design and the science of production.

A youthful spirit is the heart of our company. Our creative staff brings a fresh and innovative approach to cashmere design experimenting with an array of super soft yarns, luxurious trims and high fashion inspired styles.

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